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  1. WP Mainline Episode 12 - The Great Wapuu NFT Experiment

    In this episode, I am joined by Aaron Edwards, CTO of IncSub and Joshua Dailey, CMO of Infinite Uploads, to discuss a variety of topics including, NFTs, cryptocurrency, blockchains, smart-contracts, and of course, their Wapuu NFT experiment. We started by learning what Web 3 is and how ...


  2. WP Mainline Episode 11 - Andrea Middleton on the Last 10 Years of WordPress and Her New Role at Reddit

    In this episode, Malcom Peralty and I are joined by Andrea Middleton, Community organizer for Automattic, at least until the end of September. We begin the episode with Andrea describing what it was like to receive so much praise and goodwill from her announcement on Twitter that ...


  3. WP Mainline Episode 10 - A Trip Through the Past and A Look at the Future of WordPress Themes With Brian Gardner

    In this episode, John James Jacoby and I are joined by Brian Gardner, founder of Frost. The show starts off with a blast to the past as we discuss the early days of WordPress themes beginning with the Revolution Theme that ultimately catapulted Brian’s career. We talk ...


  4. WP Mainline Episode 9 - Pods, Blocks, and Time Is Money

    In this episode, Malcom Peralty and I are joined by Scott Kingsley Clark. This was the first time I’ve interviewed Scott since 2018 so we began the show with him describing what he’s been up to lately. We then learned what’s new with Pods and the extensive ...


  5. WP Mainline Episode 8 - Climbing Mount WP Molehill

    In this episode, John James Jacoby and I have a lengthy discussion about why the WP- prefix is being blocked when submitting a plugin to the directory. There’s a lot to unpack surrounding the story such as context, information available at the time, handling the situation, reporting the story, ...